10 AM | 10 Nov

The Wimes – God Saved A Jewel

The Wimes

The Wimes family. Left front: Nahshon- 10, Shamerriah- 6, Carolyn, Kaleb- 13 Left back: Joshua- 15, Cedric!

Celebrating their upcoming the release of their fist CD release The Wimes are breaking new ground and bringing things back to basics; the family. In our culture today we are facing the tearing down of the very things that have made us strong and next to our faith the family is really coming under fire.

With their release of “God Saved a Jewel” we are reminded of the value our Heavenly Father places on each one of us. We are not just numbers or creations that are placed on a shelf to be forgotten, we are God’s jewels. We are valued and loved beyond human comprehension.

Be looking for more from this precious family as they begin their exciting journey to spread the love of Jesus to those who are hurting and broken.

10 AM | 10 Nov

David Livingston encourages us to Look Up!

David Livingston

Being in ministry can be very challenging. Over the years David Livingston has not only been involved in music ministry but has also served as pastor for several churches serving God’s people. The burdens we carry can be overwhelming at times and it is in those moments we need a word to get us through.

In his latest release “Look Up” David brings us a message of hope to not let our circumstances push us down but to lift up our heads to the hills where our true source of help comes from.

So if you are feeling weighed down by the trials of this life, just Look Up and watch what God will do.

You can learn more about David’s ministry and music by visiting his website.