03 PM | 06 Sep

The Wimes – Wonderful

The Wimes Family

They say the family that prays together, stays together? I would like to take it one step further: The family who sings together stays together. This is especially true about our dear friends The Wimes. With their latest release Wonderful they continue to grow in their ability to deliver the message that God has placed inside of them.

02 PM | 06 Sep

Lauren Daigle Number 1 Again

Lauren Diagle

Once again Lauren Dangle is at the top of the radio charts for September. Her powerful vocals drive and equally powerful message. I Will Trust In You is an anthem we all need to get deep in our hearts. As the days of uncertainty press in around us and you face your day to day struggles you need to have an anchor of trust to hold on to.

02 PM | 06 Sep

Karen Peck and New River – Blessed!

Karen Peck and New River

Setting the standard for vocal harmony Karen Peck and New River have defined the best in Southern Gospel music. Over the years they have faced many ups and downs as we all have. What makes their latest chart topping release I Am Blessed so special is their continued commitment to give the glory to our Heavenly Father. You do not want t miss experiencing their ministry when they are in your area.

02 PM | 06 Sep

GMTC Top 100 September 2016

1. Karen Peck & New River – I Am Blessed

2. The Wimes – So Wonderful

3. Sisters – You Alone

4. Simeon – In His Plan

5. Jason Crabb – Home

6. Jim Brady Trio – The Half That’s Never Been Told

7. Tim Livingston – I’m In Good Shape

8. Whisnants – Grave Mistake

9.  Steve Wilson & The Wilsons – Apple Of My Eye

10. David Livingston – Lord Let Your Blessings Fall On Me

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