04 PM | 30 Apr

The Joylanders – Why Don’t You Try Jesus

The Joylanders

God is so gracious to His children and to the world. He is waiting for us to come to Him and will even allow us to go our own way only to find out how empty this life would be without Him.

The Joylanders are and exciting group bringing a rich legacy and musical history to their listeners. With a bright and fresh acoustic sound their harmonies are the perfect vehicle to take us deep into the promises of the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father


04 PM | 30 Apr

Danny Gokey – RISE

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey is another one of our featured artists this month who has been featured on American Idol. Idol has been an amazing platform that surprisingly has allowed many Christian artists a unique launching platform to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions across the country and the world.

What the cameras showed the viewers was simply nothing short of a miracle. Danny faced unheard-of obstacles in his family and personal life that required a supernatural strength in order for him to make it through each day. With his latest chart topping release Danny reminds us that there is hope and God will give us the strength we need to fulfill our purpose for being and that purpose is to RISE.

04 PM | 30 Apr

Jasmine Murray is Fearless

Jasmine Murray

For God has not given us a spirit of fear but or power, love and a sound mind. That is the promise Jasmine Murray confidently presents in her chart topping release “FEARLESS”.

You may have seen Jasmine on American Idol where she placed around the number 12 spot or celebrated her as Miss Mississippi. No matter where you have seen her or will see her in the future you know she will be proclaiming the hope that is found in the love of our powerful Savior, a Savior that gives us the strength to be fearless.


03 PM | 30 Apr

GMTC Top 100 MAY 2017

GMTC Top 100

1. Joylanders – Why Don’t You Try Jesus

2. Adams Voice – The Church Has Left The Building

3. Steve Ladd – One More River

4. David Livingston – Lord, Let Your Blessings Fall On Me

5. Browders – Put It In God’s Hands

6. Taylors – We Are Not Ashamed

7. Freedom QT. – I Am A Christian

8. Simeon – Running After You

9.  Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver – Burden Bearer

10. The Wimes – God Saved A Jewel

11. Hoppers – If We Ever Got A Look

12. Karen Peck & New River – I Choose Christ

13. Aaron & Amanda Crabb – I’ve Seen What God Can Do

17. Perrys – Cry No More

18. Primitive QT. – I’ve Been Touched

19. Diplomats – Let Your Light Shine

20. Kingsmen – Here I Stand Amazed

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04 PM | 11 Apr

GMTC Top 100 April 2017

GMTC Top 100

1. Lauren Talley – I Hear A Song

2. Karen Peck & New River – I Choose Christ

3. Simeon – Running After You

4. Wilburn & Wilburn – Living Proof

5. David Livingston – Lord, Let Your Blessings Fall On Me

6. Blackwood Brothers QT– When I Cross The Other Side Of Jordan 

7. Troy Burns Family – Somebody Is Me

8. Adam Crabb – Sometimes God Allows

9.  Steve Ladd – One More River

10. The Wimes – God Saved A Jewel

11. Gaither Vocal Band – Jesus Gave Me Water

12. Greater Vision – Never Will I Ever Again

13. Carolina Boys – For Every Goliath

17. Taylors – We Are Not Ashamed

18. Ball Brothers – Lead Them To Jesus

19. Hoppers – Everything Is Beautiful

20. Kingsmen – Here I Stand Amazed

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04 PM | 11 Apr


Mandisa - Unfinished

MandisaDo you feel frustrated when things just don’t seem to work out like you think they should? Well you’re not alone. In her latest single release Madisa reminds all of us that God is not finished with us yet. If you can dare to believe that He is still working in your life then you will walk through the lows and challenges with a new perspective and a new victory.

Check out the single below as well as the story behind the song UNFINISHED.

After the break watch the video on the story behind UNFINISHED!

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03 PM | 11 Apr


Michah Stampley

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like without the presence of God in it? I would say it would be very scary, fearful and unimaginable. Micah Stampley has been involved in Christian music ministry for most of his life working with choirs and leading others into His presence.

His latest release “Never Let You Go” is a sincere prayer for the grace to hold on to God through all of the challenges that face us all and tempt us to let go of the very one who loves us and cares for us the most.