03 PM | 01 Apr


Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin some could say has written the hymnbook for this generation. The countless number of songs he has written are being sung in churches all over the world. The power in Chris’ music are the simplicity and power in the lyrics that he has written that help us to see the deep spiritual truths around us.

Good, good Father is one of those songs that help us to see our Heavenly Father and allows Him to come close to us. Discover more about Chris Tomlin and his music by visiting his website.

04 PM | 06 Feb


Tim Livingston

The call of God is always something special and Tim Livingston answered that call. After doing his first recording at age 15 he was launched into a more than 35 year journey to present the good news of the gospel through music. Tim has been nominated and won several awards for his music ministry. With his latest release Without You Tim continues to remind us of our need to totally depend on the Lord’s strength to get us through the trials of this life and enter into His joy.

Discover more of Tim’s music and ministry by visiting his website and enjoy his latest release below.

04 PM | 06 Feb


Eternal Vision

Celebrating over 25 years of music ministry Eternal Vision continues to press forward in their mission to bring the message of the Gospel through music. Their determination to move forward is an inspiration to all of us that deal with the adversities and challenges life throws at us each day. A Father’s Prayer is their latest release charting this month and we encourage you to visit their website and enjoy their ministry if they are ever in your area.

04 PM | 06 Feb


David Livingston - Worship

David continues to bless and encourage the body of Christ with his continued dedication to fulfilling the call on his life. With his latest release he reminds us that we all need something a little extra to make it though life’s struggles. This prayer is one we all will find ourselves praying at one time or another as we search for the strength that can only come from Heaven.

Learn more about the ministries of David Livingston here.

03 PM | 06 Sep

The Wimes – Wonderful

The Wimes Family

They say the family that prays together, stays together? I would like to take it one step further: The family who sings together stays together. This is especially true about our dear friends The Wimes. With their latest release Wonderful they continue to grow in their ability to deliver the message that God has placed inside of them.