06 PM | 02 Jul

GMTC Top 100 July

1. Browders – He Took The Nails

2. Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes A Mountain

3. Simeon – Running After You

4. Perry Sisters – He’ll Deliver Me

5. David Livingston – Look Up

6. Singing Cookes – The Church Has Moved Away

7. Kingsmen – Battle Cry

8. John Lanier – Always There For Me

9. Greater Vision – Put Out The Fire

10. Anchormen – Come To The Fountain

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03 PM | 02 Jun

Plumb encourages all of us to EXHALE

Plumb Exhale

Plumb continues to impact Christian Contemporary music with her latest release Lord I’m Ready Now from her new recording project Exhale. Her vocals are raw and powerful communicating through them echo of her personal struggles and experiences with the Lord. Here is what she had to say concerning the inspiration for this new project;

“We do not exist for us….we exist to share the grace and love so freely given to us all….we breathe it in, it change us, it makes us new and then we share it – we EXHALE.”

03 PM | 02 Jun

GMTC Top 100 June 2015

1. Karen Peck & New River – Pray Now 

2. Browns – Place In The Choir

3. Kingdom Heirs – The Joys Of Heaven

4. Simeon – Running After You

5. Browders – He Took The Nails

6. Cathy Reynolds – Heavenly Hula Hoop

7. Greater Vision – The Blood Hasn’t Ever Changed

8. David Livingston – Look Up 

9. Zane & Donna King – Anything

10. Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes A mountain

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03 PM | 02 Jun

GMTC Gospel Top 30 June 2015

1. Simeon – Running After you

2. Donnie McClurklin – We Are Victorious

3. Micah Stampley – Never Let You Go

4. Byron Cage – Great And Mighty

5. David Livingston – Look Up

6. Kierra Sheard – Love Like Crazy

7. Alvin Slaughter – Holy Spirit Rain Down

8. Marvin Winans – Let The Church Say Amen

9. Oleta Adams – Holy Is The Lamb

10. The Wimes – God Saved A Jewel

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12 PM | 02 Jun

Karen Peck & New River “Pray Now”

Karen Peck and new River

Nothing drives you to your knees like adversity. Those of you who have followed Karen Peck and New River over the years know some of their struggle. Through it all however they have found the strength that comes from staying close to the Lord in prayer. With their latest release PRAY NOW reaching number one on many of the Southern Gospel charts it should serve as a challenge to all of us to not give up and continue to reach for our Savior through communicating with Him in prayer.

For more news, music and upcoming events visit Karen Peck and New River on their website here.

04 PM | 01 May

Hillsong United continues to ride high with Oceans

Hillsong United is holding strong at NUMBER 1 on our GMTC Top 20 CCM chart. OCEANS (Where feet may fail) is one of those songs that goes right to the heart of where many of us are as believers. We need the hope in the message of the lyrics to encourage us when things seem impossible or at those desperate times when we think we are going under the waves.

Recently OCEANS (Where feet may fail) was featured by Deanna Johnson one of the contestants on the popular singing competition show “The Voice”. You can watch her performance here.

Deanna Johnson The Voice Top 12

04 PM | 01 May

Gold City coming through the fire with number one release

Gold City Quartet

After suffering a devastating fire that destroyed their tour bus and other property Gold City continues their mission of spreading the gospel through their music. With their new NUMBER 1 single PART THE WATERS/NEED THEE EVERY HOUR they shine in a way only they can.  Continue to pray as they rebuild and discover new hope in the ashes left behind from this trial.  For more information on Gold City and how you can support their ministry visit them on their website.

04 PM | 01 May

DJ of The Month – Bill Maier KSBJ 89.3

Bill Maier KSBJ 89.3We are pleased to announce Bill Maier as our May 2015 DJ of The Month. A Veteran radio personality and family expert, Bill Maier, is co-host of The Morning Show. For 15 years, Bill was a general market music radio personality including stints at KPLZ in Seattle, KSDO-FM in San Diego, and KFI and KBIG-FM in Los Angeles. He hosted the syndicated “National Music Survey” program and also worked as a voice-over actor in Hollywood. Many know Bill as host of Focus on the Family’s “Family Minute” feature and a regular voice on the “Weekend Magazine” program.

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