11 AM | 01 Dec


Willis Canada

Willis Canada has been bringing us great music for many years. His latest release On Some Ordinary Day reminds us that Jesus could return at any moment. it is easy for us to just get caught up in the everyday routines of life but we always have to keep in mind that at any moment Jesus will come and we need to watch and be ready.

You can listen to Willis’ latest release by visiting the LO Records official website.

10 AM | 01 Dec


Mercy Me

We know God can do anything, nothing is impossible for Him. Parting the sea, feeding the multitudes, raise the dead, the list goes on and on. One aspect though of God’s character is His sovereignty. Sometimes He does not answer in the way we expect. In their latest release EVEN IF, the band Mercy ME brings us face to face with the question of when God’s answer does not always make sense.

The end of the matter is that whatever the answer we can always trust in the eternal goodness and love of our Heavenly Father.

12 PM | 05 Oct

The Hoppers; LIFE IS GOOD!

The Hoppers

The Hoppers have been a tradition in Southern Gospel music for decades. They continue to bring smiles and joy to all of their audiences even in the midst of the very real personal struggles and challenges they face. Their latest release LIFE IS GOOD is a testimony to their steadfast faith and trust in the Lord and Savior they so love and sing about.

05 PM | 01 Sep


Triumphant Quartet

Chains, they paint a picture of bondage, slavery, captivity and the loss of freedom. How wonderful to know that we have a CHAIN BREAKER! This month’s Top 100 features the latest from Triumphant QT, Chain breaker. Their powerful quartet harmonies bring new perspective to the already popular song. May you listen with fresh ears and understand the message that you no longer have to live in fear, bound by your past, present or your future. Let Jesus break every chain holding you back. Enjoy Chain Breaker.

05 PM | 01 Sep


Tauren Wells

If you have lived life to any extent then you have experienced highs and lows, laughter and tears, sorrow and joy, and hills and valleys. In his latest release Tauren Wells brings that message home with hope for us all. You see in the hills and valleys and other highs and lows of life there is ONE who will always be there by our side. He does not leave us in the lows and He celebrates us when we are on our highs. Enjoy this uplifting message of hope to get you through your next valley on the way to your next mountain top.