06 PM | 08 Sep

Zane and Donna King Prove “Anything” Is Possible

Zane and Donna King

Donna shares, “It’s the tough stuff that often lead us to the feet of Jesus and that is RIGHT where we need to be…

That just gives you a taste of the heart that drives Zane and Donna King in their desire to bring messages of hope and joy to God’s people. Their latest release Anything is really doing well on the charts as that message is what so many of us need today. We need to hear that no matter what is facing us that it is not too big for our God to handle.

You might only be at Mile Marker One which is the title of their CD release but sometimes that is just right where you need to be for that is where you can meet God.

Learn more about Zane and Donna King’s music and ministry by visiting them on their website.