01 PM | 06 Oct

Blanca #1 with Who I Am


God created each one of us unique and special. he did not use a cookie cutter or mold. He created and crafted each one of us with beautiful purpose, love and care. That represents the message Blanca desires to present to the world.

With her latest release “Who I Am’ Blanca challenges us to break free of who the world wants us to be and embrace and love the one who God has created. You can hear the story behind Blanca’s release Who I Am here.

01 PM | 06 Oct

Isaac Carree pressing the “Reset” button

Isaac Carree

Life can get cluttered, crazy, messed up, to full, to empty, to confusing sometimes you have to just say “enough is enough” and hit the reset button.

With his latest release “Reset” Isaac Caree gives us insight into the marvelous power of God’s redeeming power and grace. With his smooth vocal styling “But God” is rising in the gospel charts and is a perfect example of the message Isaac is wanting all of us to here.

You can learn more about the music and ministry of Isaac Carree by visiting his website.

01 PM | 06 Oct

The Taylors Want You To See!

The Taylors

At times singing at more than 200 events a year The Taylors are doing their best to spread the “Good News” of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen. Their unique sound come from the fact that they are a brother and sister group. With their latest release “I Want The World To See (Jesus Lives In Me)” they reaffirm their mission.

Please listen for their new single on your local radio station. You can also visit their website to learn more about their music and where you can see them at an event near you.

10 AM | 06 Oct

Gospel Top 30 October 2015

1. Isaac Carree – But God

2. David Livingston – Look Up

3. Damita Haddon – Don’t Want To Let You Go

4. Patrick Dopson – God Is

5. The Wimes – God Saved A Jewel

6. Oleta Adams – Holy Is The Lamb

7. Simeon – Running After you

8. Beverly Crawford – Sweeping Through The City

9. Brooke Fraser – Lead Me To The Cross

10. Alvin Slaughter – Holy Spirit Rain Down

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10 AM | 06 Oct

GMTC Top 100 October 2015

1. Taylors – I Want The World To See (Jesus Lives In Me)

2. Carolina Boys – Grace Will Be There

3. David Livingston – Look Up

4. Lefevre QT. – He Left No Stone Unturned

5. Goodman Revival – What A Happy Time

6. Simeon – Running After You

7. Kingsmen – Battle Cry

8. Perry Sisters – He’ll Deliver Me

9. The Wimes – God Saved A Jewel

10. Triumphant QT. – Living In Harmony

11. Bledsoes – I’m Glad I’m Saved

12. Blackwood Brothers – You Can Find What I Found

13. Canton Junction – Dig A Little Deeper

14. John Lanier – Always There For Me

15. Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes A Mountain

16. Gerald Crabb – He Loved Till He Died

17. Vanessa Feltner – Wake Me Up When Its Over

18. Talleys – What You Leave Behind

19. Cathy Reynolds – Heavenly Hula Hoop

20. Booth Brothers – Touch Of The Master’s Hand

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